12 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Having trouble figuring out what to do this V-Day? It’s hard to think of dates you haven’t already done, isn’t it?! If you feel like you’re running out of fun date ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Look no further than these 12 creative Valentine’s Day date ideas. Ladies, show these date ideas to your BAE ASAP! You’ll be sure to win them over with your creativity and thoughtfulness. Plus, a pair of Cinderollies would be the perfect accessory for any of these outings. (wink, wink!)

  1. Brunch

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Because every good day starts with mimosas! A good brunch with some bubbly can be done at a local restaurant or conveniently in your own kitchen.

  1. Museum

See things from a different perspective and try a museum date. Whether you’re super into art and history or not, a museum date is perfect for strolling and being surrounded by beauty. Maybe you can even learn something new!

  1. Wine and Paint

Feeling artsy? Why not try pair painting with some wine? Even if painting isn’t your thing, laugh it off and have a memorable night. Grab a bottle, pick a place and get creative! But be sure to be careful and not get paint on your foldable ballet flats.

  1. Cooking Class

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Put teamwork to the test and cook a meal together! Then you can both enjoy eating your creations afterwards.

  1. Wine Tasting Tour

Take a trip and get tipsy trying wine! Can’t imagine a better date.

  1. Comedy Show

Whether you’ve ever been or not, try a live comedy show. Nothing is better than letting out laughter with the one you love. Get your giggles on!!

  1. Live Band

See a live band- you can dance and sing along with your significant other. Let music set the mood and enjoy each other’s company!

  1. Couples Massage

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Spa day (or night)! V-Day is a perfect excuse for a couple’s massage. You both will love this relaxing and romantic date idea!

  1. Movies

Perfect cuddling date at a movie theater or even in your own home. Share some popcorn and get drinks at a nearby movie theater or stay home and cuddle up on the comfy couch. Classic date!

  1. Planetarium

Wish it was warm enough to watch the stars together? Go to a planetarium and make that wish come true. Get lost in the sky with each other and count the stars. Make a wish!

  1. (Indoor) Picnic

Grab a blanket, some snacks and have a pretend picnic in your living room. Even though nature is missing, the view of your s/o is just as good (maybe even better). Enjoy yummy food in the comfort of your own home (minus the bugs!)

  1. Recreate First Date

Feeling nostalgic or just running out of new date ideas? Recreate your first date! This can be super romantic and take you back to the time where you first fell for each other. Wherever it may be, it will take you down memory lane and be an unforgettable night.

P.S.- These are all perfect places to wear your cute and comfy Cinderollies!

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