Bulk orders (50 or more) require 15 days lead time, please contact us for expedited shipping. All other standard orders ship very fast 🙂 Standard orders are usually filled within 1 business day and are delivered with 2-3 day shipping

Cinderollies are foldable ballet flats that fit in your purse! They are perfect as bridesmaids gifts, wedding favors and everyday wear – anytime your aching arches have had enough of those killer high heels.

Your Cinderollies will come in a cute tote – for carrying your Cinderollies in your purse! That way you won’t have to worry about your Cinderollies dirtying the inside of your purse.

small: a true 5.5-6 but fits 5.5-6.5
medium: a true 7-7.5 but fits 7-8
large: a true 8.5-9 but fits 8.5-9.5
extra large: a true 10-10.5 but fits 10-11
Additional sizing info: Sizing above is “true to size” but Cinderollies have some “give” and will stretch so if you feel you’re in between sizes go with the smaller of the two.  If you have any questions just shoot us a note 🙂

Cinderollies have some “give” and fit best when snug “like a glove” so when in doubt or if in between sizes it is always best to err on the smaller of the two sizes. For instance, if you typically wear 6.5-7 then you should go with the smaller of the two (6.5) and go with a small and they should fit great. At the same time if you are a true 7 but sometimes a 7.5 you would wear a medium and should not worry about them being too big, they will still fit great.  Of course, if you have any questions just send us a note 🙂

2 parts fairy dust and a touch of magic. No, seriously, Cinderollies are portable, ballet flats made with a PU upper and a rollable rubber, slip resistant sole. These materials are what make our Cinderollies so light-weight, and help them to fold up so compact.

Depends how often you wear them, but with consistent everyday use to and from the office and on weekends, we estimate about 3-6 months of use.

Yes you can! In fact, we encourage it! We have a bridal party discount of 10% off when you order 6 or more. We also have a 40% bulk discount ($8.40/pair) when you order 50 or more. You can mix and match any combination of sizes/colors you like from the following colors: Silver, Gold, Pewter, Black, Pearl and Nude.  Email us at for more info.