Switch to Spring- Trending Colors

Now that it’s starting to feel like spring, make sure you don’t fall behind the latest spring fashion color trends!

It may be hard to keep up with trendy styles, but that’s why we’re here to help.

Here are some super trendy color options that will brighten up your wardrobe this spring season…

1. Sunshine Yellow

Whether you choose a darker yellow like mustard or a super lemon-y tone, you will brighten up your wardrobe instantly. Yellow seems to be popping up everywhere and surely makes your outfit pop, too!

Yellow tones bring a sunny, cheery vibe to any outfit and if too bold for you, can even be added in more subtly through shoes, a bag or even sunglasses!

Lighten up!

2. Lavender



Match the blooming flowers and add some lavender to your look! This color is so elegant and chic at the same time.

Wearing lavender may make you look as calm as lavender can make you feel!

3. Tangerine

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Orange doesn’t need to be a fall-only color because of Halloween. Why not wear it for both fall and spring? Try lighter oranges for a more spring-y style.

Again, if orange is “too much” for your casual, everyday style, try to wear smaller accessories to throw some color in there…belts, bags, sunglasses and other accessories.

4. Dusty Blue

While a dusty blue adds on a soft touch to your style, there is still something super rustic about the look.

A light blue is a great look for the spring, in the day or nighttime.


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5. Blush Pink

Blush pink: A color that can be worn in every season & that never goes out of style. Keep it classic with a beautiful blush pink!

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We’re totally blushin’…



All of these colors are super fun and playful!

So try to be daring this spring and add vibrancy into your life.

Switch to the spring trending colors!


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