Spring Season Mood

It’s my favorite season! The spring season mood is finally setting in. Besides pollen allergies, I love absolutely everything about the springtime. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and the sun is shining. What else could I ask for?


However, coming out of the winter is extremely hard for me every year. If you’re stuck in a winter mentality, it won’t really feel like spring. So that is why I am writing this post on how you can put a spring in your step!


Here are 5 ways I put the spring in my step:


1. Wear Colorful Clothes

-The way you dress has a huge impact on your attitude

-Springy prints and colors can have a more positive affect on your mood than darker colors

-If you are wearing bright and cheery colors, you will better reflect these colors

-Feel confident in your colorful outfits

-Looking great can help you feel great, which can lead to better performance overall


2. Explore the Outdoors- Spring Season Mood

-As it’s warming up, step outside

-Go for a hike or even take a walk after dinner

-Even just a ten minute walk will flood your brain with happy neurotransmitters and endorphins

-Get into the sun and grab some Vitamin D

-Exercise combined with sunshine will improve your mood and clear your mind

-Name a better duo than exercise and sunshine…I’ll wait.


3. Grab Some Flowers

-Flowers boost your mood

-Both the aroma and the pleasing aesthetic make flowers a perfect gift to yourself and your home

-As they’re blooming outdoors, why not have some blooming in your house?

-They add a nice touch to any room!


4. Spring Cleaning

-Clean out old things and make room for the new

-Spring is a considered to be a time of rebirth, so donating or selling some of your belongings can make space for new

-Do little by little! It doesn’t need to be done all in one day

-The accomplished and refreshing feeling at the end is SO worth it


5. Try Something New

-Have you been wanting to try something different and “haven’t had the time to?”

-Now is the time to MAKE time!

-Try a new activity, like a yoga or a barre class

-Yoga or barre are benefiting you physically, mentally and spiritually

-Try a different foods

-A restaurant you have never been to or a recipe you have been wanting to make

-Facebook has plenty of food videos and recipes if you’re interested in making your own meals

-Just do something DIFFERENT!

-Spring into your step by stepping out of your comfort zone


These tips help me every year get spring-ready. Just do one thing on this list to embrace spring and see a positive improvement. Why not?


Spring Ahead!


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