Ten Top Bridesmaid Outfits

Today we are featuring our ten top bridesmaids outfit ideas. Are you having a tough time deciding which style you want your ladies to dress in for your wedding? Well we have been scouring the depths of Pinterest and  wedding galleries to pick out which styles and designs we love the best. From bright colors to funky silhouettes to fun and festive patterns, we have come up with a list of dresses for you all to oogle over. Plus, doesn’t hurt that a pair of our foldable ballet flats would work with any of these dresses. Place your order of Cinderollies here!

Top Ten Bridesmaid Outfits

1. We have found the most traditional (or oldest trend) is to have your girls wear the exact same dress. They will all look identical when they slip on these bridesmaid gowns. This style makes it so the bride truly stands out on her own. One of our ten top bridesmaid outfits to consider!

10 top bridesmaid outfits

Photo via The Wedding Row

2. This is an easy route to send your girls in when picking out bridesmaid dresses. Send them all to a designer, give them the colors you like and let them decide which shade and neckline they want to go with! Gives them the opportunity to pick which style best fits their body type but also keeps a united look.

10 top bridesmaid outfits

Photo via Wedding Chicks

3. Give your ladies some freedom with telling them what color you would like them to wear and to go crazy from there. We think these make for some of the most interesting wedding pictures when every girl gets to pick a dress that matches their personality, but sticks within your chosen color.

10 top bridesmaid outfits

Photo via Style Me Pretty

4. Similar to the trend above, we love that this bride gave her girls a color scheme and let them loose. They could go with long, short, patterned, or solid, they got to truly express themselves while all looking cohesive together to match the bride’s overall vision.

5. Has your maid of honor been there for you through thick and thin and seen it all?! Have her stand out from your other bridesmaids by wearing something totally different. We love how this MOH wore a bright green dress that was a bold contrast to the other girls’ dresses. You know that she has a special place in that bride’s heart making this a top ten bridesmaid outfit option.

10 top bridesmaid outfits

Photo via Once Wed

6. Like option number two, but with a bit less flexibility, ask your girls to choose their own neckline for their gown within the same color and length. Definitely looks great in pictures and seems to be the most popular option we have seen of lately.

7. Or do something out of left field like a pattern for your girls! We are a big floral fans so we think this is a fun, yet unique option. Adds a bit of a focal point (after you, of course) up at the alter and in wedding pictures.

10 top bridesmaid outfits

Photo via Trendy Bride

8. Dressing your bridesmaids in all white is a new trend we have been seeing that we think can look very sleek and pretty! They girls look gorgeous, don’t they?!

9. This has become one our favorite styles lately. Pairing a pretty top with a flow-y skirt looks good on just about everyone and gives you the opportunity to bring two of your wedding colors into the mix.

10. Now this option is certainly made for that unique bride who has a brave list of girls to stand by her side, because not everyone can rock a jumpsuit. But for those ladies who can, we think this is a fun, modern option to through at your friends!

10 top bridesmaid outfits

Photo via Wedding Chicks

Check out some other bridesmaid dresses we are loving on our Pinterest page. We could pin for days on which combination of dresses are our favorite but then again, we guess that is what Pinterest is for! We hope one of our top ten bridesmaids outfit ideas strike your fancy for the big day. Make sure to check out our selection of roll up ballet flats for wedding receptions.

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