Groom’s Party Attire

Picking out the groom’s party attire can be as much of a challenge as deciding what the bridal party should wear. We have discovered that there are almost as many (keyword: almost) options to choose from as the ladies. One of the first decisions to make is whether this is a formal or casual occasion. You wouldn’t have the men wearing tuxes if you plan to have a beach wedding and barefoot. Next would be choosing the color of the groomsmen’s ensembles. Will they all be matching? Should they have on different colored ties? Should they match the groom? Moving on from there, it is finding the perfect place for the guys to purchase their suits. We have learned that is certainly one of the big challenges for groom’s party attire. There are definitely not as many locations to buy wedding appropriate ensembles at an affordable price.

Lucky for you, we have put together a list of groom’s party suits that you can review to help guide you in the right direction. Whether you prefer vests, ties, plaid or tweed, we have a mix of everything! We hope this will help you and your fiance narrow down your many, many options. Although we do not have men’s foldable ballet flat Cinderollies quite yet, hopefully the men’s shoes won’t be too big of an issue for you! Browse our grooms party suit ideas below!

All Gray Men’s Suit

Groom’s Party Attire in Vests

Navy Groom’s Suit

Groom's Party Attire

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Groom’s Party Attire in Suspenders

Groom's Party Attire

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Tweed & Bowties

Groom's Party Attire

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Classic Tuxedo Attire

Groom's Party Attire

Photo via MOD Wedding

Check out more men’s wedding party attire on our Pinterest board here.

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