Family Halloween Costumes

With Halloween just two weeks away, we thought would would share some creative family Halloween costumes with you all to get the juices flowing. Have children and/or babies and hoping to have fun with family Halloween costumes? Well look no further because we have some adorable ideas for you below. Pretty much any movie, show or game can be turned into a Halloween costume. Have a strong love for the Wizard of Oz? Dress your significant other as the scarecrow, your daughter as Dorothy, son as the lion and you are good to go as the Wicked Witch. Doesn’t get much more fun than that! Most importantly, don’t forget to pack your pair of Cinderollies because after walking around in your ruby red slippers, your feet will most certainly get sore. Conveniently enough, these foldable ballet flats will fit into any “trick or treat” bag.

One of our favorite family Halloween costumes you will see below was the Jurassic Park ensemble. Especially our owners, Chris and Nicki, who just had a little boy, we are thinking this outfit would be perfect for them! And their daughter could dress up as another dinosaur or princess because princesses go with everything. Make sure to share what you and your family decided to dress up as in our comments below. We can’t wait to see!

Star Wars

family halloween costumes

photo via Cara Loren

Popeye & Crew for Family Halloween Costumes

family halloween costumes

photo via Maskerix

Jurassic Park

family halloween costumes

photo via Brit & Co.


Wizard of Oz

family halloween costumes

photo via Costume Works

Despicable Me 2

family halloween costumes

photo via Women’s Day

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